Nuclear energy firm Areva and engineer Atkins form joint-venture to target decommissioning work


Nuclear energy firm Areva and engineer Atkins have formed a joint-venture to compete for UK nuclear fuel management and decommissioning projects.

The Areva-Atkins Partnership UK is expected to bid for contracts for work with UK nuclear sites operators, including used-fuel recycling, decommissioning, waste management and transport solutions for each stage of the cycle.

Dominique Mockly, Areva senior executive vice president, said the partnership would enable the firm to “put our proven technology to use in meeting the challenges of UK decommissioning and strengthen Areva’s footprint in the country.”

Martin Grant, chief executive of Atkins (Energy), said: “We have been involved in the UK nuclear clean-up programme since the late 1980s and bring a wealth of experience in the UK nuclear sector.

“The partnership we have created today will allow us to further develop skills and capabilities to support a long term, sustainable UK nuclear industry.”