Contract for Dong Energy to build a new substation for Hornsea offshore wind farm

Balfour Beatty has been awarded a £25m project to build a new high voltage substation as part of the new Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm by Dong Energy.

Construction is expected to begin in January 2016 with Balfour Beatty responsible for the build at North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire for the two and a half year contract.

The project includes the construction of core buildings and compounds, the installation of low voltage electricity equipment, low voltage cables, and communication cables as well as roads, paths, drainage and landscaping.

The new facility will enable the transfer of electricity from the Hornsea offshore wind farm to the adjacent, existing National Grid substation.

Duncan Clark, programme director for Hornsea Project One at Dong Energy, said the offshore wind farm will “provide enough electricity to power well over 800,000 homes in the UK”.

 It is the third contract to build an onshore substation that Balfour Beatty has been awarded by Dong Energy.