Viessmann has launched the Vitoligno 300-P biomass pellet boiler with outputs from 4kW to 48 kW and an operating efficiency of up to 86%

The unit matches its output precisely to the heat demand by modulating down from 100% to 30% by simply shutting off sections of the heating surface. This means that the unit is able to operate with smaller loads, providing a more reliable start, lower emissions and higher efficiency.

The combustion chamber is made from a highly heat-resistant ceramic material which is both robust and also stores heat for a long time making it easier to ignite the pellets. The automatic ceramic ignition element is claimed to consume substantially less power than a conventional fan ignition and is also quiet in operation.

The unit has automatic cleaning of the heating surfaces and automatic ash removal from the combustion chamber. It has compact dimensions of 1,485mm x 680mm x 1,065mm.