Government plans 30-fold increase in offshore wind power as part of its renewable energy strategy

British offshore wind power could be increased 30-fold in the next 12 years under ambitious proposals from the government due this week.

Wind power

The renewable energy strategy, expected to be published on Thursday, will put wind power at the heart of the country’s plans to meet its green technology targets. Under EU-mandated goals, the UK is committed to getting 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The government is expected to announce proposals to build more than 3000 onshore wind turbines and 7000 offshore ones in a bid to reduce oil dependency.

Other expected proposals in the strategy document include new powers to force homeowners to improve energy efficiency of their dwellings during renovation and the phasing out of inefficient appliances such as oil-fired boilers.

Grants and incentives would also be used to encourage one in four homes to be fitted with solar panels.