Contractor to build new hospital dedicated to advanced cancer treatment for University College London Hospitals

UCLH cancer hospital

Bouygues has won a £187m contract from University College London Hospitals (UCLH) NHS Foundation Trust to design and build a new hospital dedicated to advanced cancer treatment.

Designed by architects Scott Tallon Walker, the new hospital will form part of a new national high energy proton beam therapy programme for the NHS.

The new building, developed with funding from UCLH and the British Department of Health, will be built inclose proximity to UCLH’s Cancer Centre and radiotherapy services, creating a leading hub for cancer treatment in central London.

Proton beam therapy is a highly targeted form of radiotherapy that is able to treat local cancers in hard-to-reach areas, potentially reducing damage to nearby tissue and other side effects.

The proton beam therapy facility will be located underground, and there will be five additional floors above ground offering care and treatment of blood cancer and short stay surgery.

Madani Sow, chairman and chief executive of Bouygues UK, said: “This latest contract highlights our enviable reputationfor building first-class healthcare facilities across the capital. We are proud to be working with UCLH on the delivery of what will be part of a vital new, national service for NHS patients here in the UK.”

Chief executive of UCLH, Sir Robert Naylor, said: “I am delighted that the contract to build this major new NHS facility has now been awarded. It will make a significant difference to the lives of hundreds of NHSpatients every year and help us to advance our research into precision medicine.”