Industry organisations get behind Building’s campaign to persuade the government that sustainable development can boost growth

Green for growth - index pic

This week Building is launching the Green for Growth campaign - backed by the CBI and UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) - to persuade government to promote sustainable development as a route to economic growth.

The campaign comes amid growing concern that the government is failing to grasp the opportunity to boost jobs and growth in construction through the green economy.

Paul King, chief executive of the UKGBC, said: “The green agenda has been the biggest stimulus of innovation in the construction sector over the last five or six years. But the most powerful people in government have failed to recognise the importance of these green shoots.”

Building is calling for action in five key areas: the Green Deal; ringfenced spending for public sector retrofit programmes; zero-carbon housing; Display Energy Certificates, and clarity around long-term energy infrastructure investment.

Before Christmas the government’s outgoing chief construction adviser, Paul Morrell, slammed the government’s failure to back the green agenda. This week, his successor Peter Hansford said in response to Building’s campaign that he was working hard to push the sustainable agenda.

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