British Cement Association says industry is 'making every effort to resolve situation'

Cement manufacturers have hit back at allegations that buildings are being delayed because of cement shortages.

Concrete suppliers expressed ‘grave concern’ over the shortages which they said had caused job losses and closure of production lines.

British Cement Association said it had imported more product to help alleviate the situation. It also claimed that manufacturers had invested in domestic capacity to reduce reliance on imports.

BCA chief executive Mike Gilbert said that the industry was recovering from shortages in the early part of the year and was “making every effort to resolve the current situation”.

He added that “important lessons from the experience” had been learnt.

The BCA said that unusually mild weather has also contributed to over demand on the continent, which had affected British imports.

Last month British Precast chief executive Martin Clarke said he was worried the affect cement shortages would have on the industry’s significant investment plans.