Scheme follows Cabinet Office-commissioned review of procurement

Constructing Excellence is launching an independent verification scheme to ensure the public sector adopts high standards to improve value and achieve net zero in procurement. 

The scheme, created in collaboration with Kings College London, is known as Constructing the Gold Standard and outlines a collaborative approach to framework procurement, contracting and management. 

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David Mosey, professor of law and former director of the Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

It is the result of an independent review, commissioned by the Cabinet Office in 2021, by Professor David Mosey, which saw him consult more than 120 organisations. 

Mosey found that more than 2,000 public sector construction frameworks are currently active, many of which do not deliver optimal value. 

Constructing the Gold Standard sets out 24 recommendations to help clients to identify what questions they should act when creating and implementing frameworks and alliances. 

Mosey said: “In order for public sector construction to make best use of limited funds, to deliver safe and high-quality outcomes and to tackle the climate crisis, all clients and supply chain members should adopt the Gold Standard recommendations.  

“Integrated framework alliance contracts, the application of digital information management and the implementation of urgent action plans under existing long-term contracts are among the recommendations that the construction sector and its clients should implement to achieve the Gold Standard.”

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Seven clients and framework providers – the Ministry of Justice, Environment Agency, Scape, CHIC, LHC, Places for People and Crown Commercial Service – are currently piloting the scheme. 

All public sector construction framework providers and public sector clients are eligible for the scheme.