SFS Intec Irius austenitic stainless steel fasteners have been used to fix the multi-coloured geometric aluminum panels to the Cardiff office of the Wales Joint Education Committee

Designed by Capita Architecture, the 6,500m2 building has a striking facade finished in champagne-coloured, brushed copper, smooth copper and plain aluminum.

Wrapping round the northerly elevations of the building, the four and six-sided coated Alunatur panels are installed in a tessellating pattern within a 1.5 x 1.5m grid, replicated across the 2,500m2 elevation. Many of the panels needed to be curved individually on site to match the vertical curves of the envelope.

The SFS fasteners had a low profile head which enabled the panels to be fastened in a secure yet unobtrusive way. For fixing both the 3mm and 1.5mm-thick panels, preformed holes were carefully set out to the architect’s design into the 18mm external grade plywood cladding. The Intec Irius fasteners were then installed through the panels over a 10mm specially manufactured rubber washer to create a weathertight seal.

The southerly elevations of the building are clad in clay tiles, and a 1.5m-high plinth, clad with sandstone pebbles, extends all round the building to unite the two contrasting facades.

SFS Intec