One of the organisations responsible for nominating adjudicators has overhauled its structure in an attempt to improve the quality and speed of adjudication decisions.

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) has axed its panel of 50 and replaced it with 32 of what it describes as the “best-known and respected adjudicators” in the UK.

The move is seen as a response to concerns that adjudicator nominating bodies are selecting people who do not have enough experience of dealing with complex disputes.

A spokesperson for CEDR said the new panel members were “hand-picked” for their reputations for being adjudicators that firms want to work with. He said about half of the panel were new members and half were previous CEDR adjudicators or mediators.

CEDR has decided to waive its £250 appointment fee to encourage more firms to use its services. Most bodies charge an appointment fee of £100-500, although many clients object to this charge and so approach adjudicators directly.

It is also offering a mediation option as part of the adjudication process.

CEDR panel members

Peter Aeberli, Matthew Bastone, Tony Bingham, David Canning, Michael Conway, Chris Dancaster, Delia Dumeresq, Mark Entwistle, Philip Eyre, Robert Gaitskell QC, Karen Gough, Nicholas Gould, Kevin Hayes, Rosemary Jackson QC, Bob Juniper, Colin Little, Franco Mastrandrea, Christopher Miers, David Miles, Matt Molloy, Eric Mouzer, Mark Pontin, John Price, Derek Pye, Colin Reese QC, Nigel Ribbands, John Riches, Victoria Russell, Robert Sliwinski, Neville Tait, Peter Talbot and Peter Vinden.