Russel Roof Tiles, part of Cemex UK, has launched Derwent II, a concrete roof tile which it claims offers a cost-effective alternative to clay tiles

The double pan, bold roll design gives a deep undulating appearance and the interlocking design makes it suitable for most pitched roofs. The tile offers a thinner appearance to the overall roof making it more aesthetically pleasing from ground level, says the company.

The design, which was produced in-house, is lighter than the original Derwent tile – 4.8kg as opposed to 5.2kg. This makes it easier to install, even in wet weather, onto dry-fix systems that require no mortar.

The lighter tile also means that there is greater flexibility of roof design, with the overall weight per square metre being 5kg lighter. The environmental benefits include less raw materials in production and greater efficiency in transportation as more tiles can be transported per pallet load.

Russel Roof Tiles