Marley Plumbing an d Drainage says its product was specified for a multi-storey car park for its reliable performance properties and ability to replace cast iron

Marley Akatherm HDPE Drainage system was specified for a large-scale development of two residential blocks of flats, office space, bars, restaurants and open landscape, as well as a multi-storey car park at Firepool Lock, Taunton, Somerset. The company says the system was specified for its reliable performance properties, as well as being a suitable replacement for cast iron, ideal for the previously brownfield site, which will now host residential accommodation, commercial and hospitality space.

The final design incorporated HDPE 110mm and 160mm soil and waste pipe installed externally and suspended from the soffit roof of the car park. From there it is connected to a standard 110mm and 160mm soil and waste pipe internally. The 110mm HDPE pipe was also being used for the internal rainwater systems on the soffit of the car park, carrying surface water from the roof areas internally through the building structure to join the underground drainage channels.

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