The four-storey building was being turned into student flats by RM Accommodation

A four-storey building in Newcastle worth £100m has burnt down to the ground after catching fire on Monday night.

Flames engulfed the former cinema on New Bridge Street and leapt as high as 100ft. It was being redeveloped to become student flats for Northumbria University.

The project was being developed by RM Accommodation.

Seven cars and a crane were also destroyed in the fire which saw Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade received over 40 calls in just six minutes.

There were no injuries but 25 fire crews were required to put out the blaze which completely destroyed the building and caused minor damage to the nearby School of Design Building.

Despite the severe damage to the site a university spokesman said he remained confident that the campus would open as planned in September.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and a comprehensive inspection is underway to further assess the situation.

Iain Bathgate, Fire Service deputy chief fire officer said: “It was extremely severe and had the potential to spread much further than it did.”

  • Another site fire broke out yesterday, this time destroying the home of the late country singer Johnny Cash. Stone chimneys were all that remained of his lakeside Tennessee house. The cause of the fire is still unknown but it broke out while the building was being renovated for its new owner Bee Gee Barry Gibb. One firefighter was hurt battling the blaze.