Owen Luder’s iconic brutalist structure makes way for £150m Tesco regeneration scheme

The demolition of the iconic Gateshead carpark used in the 1960s film Get Carter starts today.

Tesco’s development branch, Spenhill, has submitted plans for a £150m regeneration scheme for the area.

The plans, designed by 3DReid, include a new town square, 45 retail units, offices, a student village with over 900 beds, town centre parking and a supermarket.

The brutalist concrete multistorey carpark, designed by Owen Luder in 1962, was opened in 1969 and vacated in January 2008.

It will take a reported eight weeks to demolish the structure and another eight weeks to clear the site.

Some of Owen Luder’s best known brutalist buildings have now been demolished including the Tricorn Centre in Portsmouth.