CPA chairman Adrian Barden says government does little to encourage improvement in efficiency of existing stock

The Construction Products Association has criticised the government for not doing enough to encourage improvements in the energy efficiency of existing building stock.

Speaking at the association’s annual luncheon, Adrian Barden, CPA chairman said it was staggering that a government that is so committed to addressing climate change has chosen to do so little to encourage improvements in this area. “Worse still they persist in charging VAT at the full rate on energy saving products yet a lower rate on the energy we are trying to save"

The CPA also called on government to reduce the tax burden and regulation on UK manufacturers of construction products. Barden said increasing energy prices in the UK and the weight of tax and regulation, which is increasing at a faster rate than in many other countries, could make the UK less attractive as a manufacturing base for many international firms.

Barden said: “The government needs to recognise that competition is no longer just with Europe, but between Europe and other parts of the world which have a much lower cost base.”

He warned that if companies transfer their operations or sourcing of products to countires with lower environmental standard, the result would take jobs away from the UK or Europe, without achieving any environmental benefits.