Architect to design a new range of kit set community sports facilities in Qatar

Grimshaw - Qatar sports facilities

Grimshaw has been selected to design a new range of kit set community sports facilities in Qatar.

Funded by the Qatar Olympic Committee, the Al Farjan Recreational Sports Facilities are designed to encourage sporting participation across the Gulf State.

Each of the multipurpose sports facilities will be equipped with a variety of courts, pitches, playgrounds, public amenities, cafes and more informal social areas.

The pitches and courts will cater for a range of sports including football, volleyball, basketball and handball.

The facilities have been designed as a kit of parts that can adapted for differently sized and shaped sites.

The facilities also feature fabric canopies, which are designed to mitigate the harsh desert climate by providing shade.

The design also incorporates a grey water recycling system to help irrigate the landscape and uses changes in levels to funnel cooling breezes through the site.

Grimshaw Partner Keith Brewis said, “We are delighted to know our design will create highly accessible informal public space that enriches social activities while also developing athletic talent within the local community.

“This project provides an opportunity for Qatar to encourage all its residents to lead healthy lifestyles.”

Grimshaw - Qatar sports facilities

Grimshaw - Qatar sports facilities