Guidelines set by the Mayor of London mean new residential developments in the capital must include outdoor areas for children

All new residential developments in London will have to include at least 10m2 play and recreation space accessible to every child that lives there.

Housing must provide play space for London youngsters

The standard was part of Supplementary Planning Guidance to the Mayor’s London Plan, introduced today. Play space policies must be incorporated into local development plans.

The guidance is designed to assist boroughs, planners and developers in designing housing schemes in the capital that will incorporate them.

The spaces are supposed to be designed to provide a range of activities for different age groups.

Guidelines stipulate that play areas for under-five year olds must be in a development or adjacent, space for five to 11 year olds must be within 400m and spaces for the 12 plus group within 800m.

Ken Livingstone said: “Inspiring and encouraging more child-friendly neighbourhoods is essential if we are to give young people the best chance to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life.”