Less than half the new homes needed are being granted planning permission

The number of housing planning permissions being granted has slumped to a three year low, data from the Home Builders Federation reveals.

In the second quarter of 2012 permission for just 24,872 new homes was granted, down from 36,761 in the first quarter and down from 25,171 over the same period last year.

The figure, from the quarterly Housing Pipeline report, is the lowest number of housing permissions granted in a quarter since 2009.

The HBF added that the level of building remained well below the 60,000 homes per quarter required to meet official estimates of demand.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the HBF, said the slump was linked to the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework, which was introduced at the beginning of the second quarter.

He said: “Under the new planning system local authorities have much more power over what is built in their area. But with that power comes a responsibility to provide the housing their communities need. Government needs to ensure that councils are meeting this responsibility.