Safety body releases figures that show a 10% improvement on last year

The HSE has said that around 69 construction workers were killed at work in 2007/08.

The safety body released the figures, which are still subject to validation, this afternoon. The numbers point to a 10% improvement on last year’s figures; however the HSE has warned the industry not to be complacent.

Stephen Williams, HSE’s chief inspector of construction, today said: "While it is encouraging that these unvalidated figures suggest that there has been a drop in deaths in the industry, there is absolutely no room for complacency.

"It is totally unacceptable that, once again, a significant number of lives have been lost and continue to be put at risk on construction sites. HSE will continue to take firm action against those who ignore safety precautions."

HSE inspectors recently stopped work at a third of the 1000 sites visited during our recent spot checks on the refurbishment sector. Three hundred and ninety five enforcement notices were served during the spot checks and in 13 cases inspectors believed the situation on site to be so poor that prosecution is being considered.

Williams added: “We did this because we felt there was a real possibility that lives would be lost or ruined through serious injury.”