The Tories have enjoyed something of a renaissance since smooth-talking David Cameron took the helm. But where do you stand? Cast your vote in Mark Leflty's online polling booth and win a £50 drinks voucher.

So, the Tories are back, all nice and fluffy under the GMTV-friendly leadership of David Cameron, the toff with the common touch. For the construction industry specifically, the Conservatives were already in favour under Michael Howard, despite the fact that he seemed to expose fangs where Cameron reveals pearly whites.

In Building's general election survey last year, published a week before polling day, 36% of the construction industry supported the Tories, ahead of Labour by 3.5% and the Lib Dems by 13%. In electoral terms, this was a comfortable victory for Howard's bunch.

It is easy to assume that the Tories would be even further ahead now. Cameron has really embraced construction and built environment issues, bringing in architect Michaelis Boyd Associates to turn his London pad into an eco-friendly exemplar, and getting Lord Heseltine to head a review of regeneration policy.

I reckon the Tories would poll about 40% in a survey of construction at the moment, but just to see we have a poll attached. One lucky reader will get a 50 quid drinks voucher for his or her contribution. If you're a Tory voter, that's a couple of bottles of Moet; if you're a Labour guy or gal, that's a couple of crates of mild; if you're a Lib Dem, it'll help you drink to forget; and if you're "other", you may already be drunk.

Also if you think I'm off on the 40% prediction, please feel free to say why by adding your comments.