Building's blogger enjoyed the bit of the Building Awards he remembered because he met two of his biggest sporting heroes - Pat Jennings and John Motson.

This was my fifth Building Awards and by far the one I enjoyed most. This was mainly because I was given the opportunity to be a bit of a Parky and interview some famous folk for the website.

First up, was Northern Ireland goalkeeping legend Pat Jennings. For those that remember him, Pat still has the enormous Roy of the Rovers style hair and side parting. For those that have no idea who he is, imagine a 70s pop star without the ‘tache, and bingo that's him. Jennings, as it turns out, is quite linked to the construction industry, having done PR work for PC Harrington.

My second interview was with the master that is John Motson. I was disappointed that he didn't recall our previous meeting in a Bournemouth nightclub in the late 90s, when I pushed several high-heeled, mini-skirted lasses out of his way, so that he would have the opportunity to listen to my informed opinion on a rather poor left-back.

Remarkably, he remembered the club - The Cage and Zoo, now called Circo and Elements - and said that he is in fact going drinking there with the lads this weekend. Motty, I salute you.