New schemes are making energy savings of 35%, compared with 29% in 2006

Developments being submitted to the mayor's office for approval are cutting their carbon emissions by about a third, research by South Bank University has revealed.

The independent report, commissioned by the Greater London Authority, shows the London Plan has encouraged developers to go much further than basic requirements to incorporate sustainable measures and cut carbon. It says schemes are making carbon savings of about 34%, compared with 29% in 2006.

The report says flexibility to use the most suitable measures for a site has been crucial in enabling developers to offer greater carbon savings, for example some developments have managed to contribute more than 30% of savings from on-site renewables, while others have made savings instead through gas-fired combined heat and power units.

The mayor's office has proposed tougher standards, which will require carbon reductions of 44% for new developments between 2010-2013.

The draft replacement London Plan will allow developers to meet targets through off site renewables, if necessary.

Boris Johnson, the London mayor, said: “Through the proposals in the draft London Plan, we want to deliver higher targets using a broad range of technologies with a common sense, practical approach to maximise carbon savings.”