Existing contracts signed in 2003 and cover 2,400 MoD sites

Mace has won a deal to carry out early assessment work for the Defence Infrastructure Organisation on deals to replace three PFI contracts for water services across its estate.

The contracts covering clean and wastewater services were signed more thn 20 years ago and run out by the end of the decade. They cover 2,400 military sites in the country.

Mace has been asked to help draw up their replacements with the firm offering technical support as well as cost, commercial and financial guidance.


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The MoD signed the PFI contracts for water and wastewater services in 2003

Its deal has been awarded through the Scape framework and could run up to three years.

Collectively known as Aquatrine, the water and wastewater providers for the MoD are Sevent Trent Services, Ancala Water Services and Veolia Water Nevis. Aquatrine was awarded in 2003 with the PFI deal running for 25 years.