Barratt and Persimmon have bagged 30% of Kickstart funding between them, according to research from the House Builders Association, which represents mainly small and medium-sized builders

Of 6,618 houses in approved schemes, Barratt has cash for 1,171 on 18 sites while Persimmon has 790 funded on 12 sites. The two together have 30 of the 91 sites funded so far.

A further four housebuilders – Bellway, Miller, Galliford Try and Countryside – have 30 sites between them, accounting for 31% of the total houses. All in all, major housebuilders scooped 60% of the cash.

Roger Humber, strategic policy adviser to the House Builders Association, called the findings “scandalous” because large firms were being kept alive through subsidies.