The Low and Zero Carbon Technologies Group will look at how manufacturers can contribute to zero carbon homes in 2016

A new group set up to ease delivery of zero carbon homes by 2016 met for the first time last week.

wind turbine

The Low and Zero Carbon Technologies Group, set up by the Construction Products Association, will advise a Government/Industry task force focused on identifying the barriers to achieving green homes in 10 years time.

Chair of the new group Neil Schofield, who is also head of sustainable development at Worchester Bosch, said industry had to work together now to expand its knowledge or the ten year target would not be hit.

He said: “This group has been formed to support the move to zero carbon buildings and a mass market zero carbon housing, which will only happen if industry works together in an integrated manner.”
The main areas for the group to investigate include:

  • Low and zero carbon heating, hot water technologies and generation of electricity
  • Buildings that have low energy demands through high performing fabric and components
  • Projects and products that have aimed for low or zero carbon operation
  • The practicalities of low and zero carbon installation
  • Future technologies
  • Smart metering – getting the consumer to understand that their behavior plays an important role
The second meeting, scheduled for spring, will focus on fabric, glazing, ventilation and PassivHaus technologies.