RMT to ballot more than 2,500 workers after Metronet suspends safety rep

More than 2,500 Metronet tube infrastructure workers could strike over the suspension of a safety rep for refusing to wear a hard hat.

The tube’s biggest union RMT will ballot its Metronet membership following the suspension of Andy Littlechild on 15 September. Littlechild claimed that his part of the site did not require the wearing of a hard hat.

The RMT believes the decision was prompted by Littlechild’s efforts to persuade the Metronet Rail and Infrastructure services to apply Metronet official health and safety policy in all sites.

Littlechild claimed that official policy states that some sites do not require the wearing of a hard hat.

Metronet workers

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said that Littlechild had been suspended on a bogus charge. “Andy’s diligence has clearly upset someone, because they have gone to the trouble of unilaterally altering a risk assessment in further breach of agreements with the sole aim of entrapping him, and it is as clear as day that he has been set up.”

The move also follows a breakdown in industrial relations over plans to reduce signal maintenance and impose rosters.

A Transport for London spokesperson said they were “disappointed” with the union’s call for a ballot.