New proposal for redevelopment of Youngs brewery in Wandsworth follows Eric Pickles’ rejection of twin-towers design

Developer Minerva is redesigning its £300m Ram Brewery scheme in South West London, which was rejected by Eric Pickles earlier this year.

The original scheme in Wandsworth comprised two residential towers of 32 and 42 storeys, but was rejected by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government earlier this year due to its proximity to a local gasholder and the towers’ overbearing nature.

But Minerva said in its annual results this morning that it is redesigning the scheme and will try again to get the go-ahead.

A statement said: “The key issues revolved around the two tall buildings proposed and their location within the conservation area and proximity to a nearby gasholder. Most of the regenerative benefits created by the scheme were accepted, and will be reincorporated into the next planning application. 

“Accordingly, a new scheme is being designed to reflect the planning inspector’s and secretary of state’s comments. It is expected that a new planning application will be ready for submission during this financial year.”

The scheme includes one million square feet of mixed-use space, including 1,000 apartments.