Building's Mipim specialists ponders the last four days, and what it says about the health of the industry

Sitting on the terrace at the Villa Francia, waiting for the airport transfer, I wonder - what to make of the 2010 vintage? Well, for one thing it has been the coldest Mipim I have been to for a long time. Anyone sitting on the Riviera seafront in the sunshine for long enough this week, even in the middle of the day, ended up shivering from the vicious wind, a mini-mistral, whipping in from the Cannes bay. Some of the nights were incredibly cold, requiring a more than usual cloak of alcohol to endure the late-night taxi waits. And, frankly, reading weather reports and realising that’d you have experienced a higher temperature if you’d have been in Manchester all week is really not what Mipim is supposed to be about.

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