With only 2012 days to the London Games a report criticises government handling of Olympic finances

There are exactly 2012 days to go until the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

But as the countdown continues, the Olympic Delivery Authority is under political pressure to reveal how much the Games are likely to cost.

In an MP’s report due out tomorrow, the government is expected to come under fire for its handling of Olympic finances.

The government has already announced that the cost of the Olympics has risen by more than £900m to £3.3bn, and that figure is expected to rise. A further announcement on the budget is expected by the end of March

Commenting on the countdown to the Olympics, Sebastian Coe, chairman of the organising committee, said: “In 2012 days, on 27 July 2012, we will welcome the world to London, and the UK as we host the world’s largest event.

“This is a good time to reflect on why we are so passionate about winning the Games. For me the Games are about the power of sport to inspire young people and drive social, economic and environmental agendas that will leave tangible legacies and the UK and Olympic movement.”

The ODA is due to reveal its sustainability strategy today. ODA chief executive David Higgins said that the aim was to make the 2012 Games the “greenest in modern times.”