Lord Lawson says that the proposed Cimate Change Bill will harm Britain's economy

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson has blasted the government for its stance on global warming.

Lord Lawson

Speaking to Building this week, the former minister – now Lord Lawson – warns that the government’s proposed Climate Change Bill will harm the economic health of the country.

He said: “The idea is for us to lead on this issue. I can assure you that if we do lead, nobody else will follow and it will just damage the people and industry in this country to no purpose.”

Cutting carbon emissions, he says, will be almost impossible to carry out without burdensome taxes.

“There would have to be a complete transformation,” he said. “It is not just gestures like turning off the standby on your television."

“This is a massive change that can only be achieved by making carbon-based energy so expensive that low-carbon energy sources will become economical.”

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