Report reveals that buildings bypass 2012 Sustainability Plan requirements on BREEAM ratings

The ODA is falling down on key sustainability criteria including a failure to ensure that venues meet required Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) “excellent.”

The designs for the aquatic centre currently only aim for a BREEAM “Very Good” rating, rather than the BREEAM “Excellent” required and the velopark does not include a reference to BREEAM at all, according to a report by the Commission for a Sustainable London (CSL) 2012, a watchdog.

“The commission has significant concerns over the incorporation of the BREEAM standards into contracts and also made recommendations that the ODA mitigate the risks of sustainability standards not being achieved through specific standards not being specified in contracts and by having a system to manage this through their supply chain,” said the organisation in their report, “Procuring a Legacy.”

The body reports to the ODA board and public on how the Olympics meet the London 2012 Sustainability Plan.

The Plan states that “permanent venues will achieve 15% carbon dioxide reductions beyond 2006 Building Regulations and will achieve a BREEAM rating of excellent”.

“We have seen the 15% carbon reduction in the contracts we viewed but not the BREEAM excellent rating as outlined above,” said CSL.