Hanson Formpave, the manufacturer of concrete block pavers and permeable paving, has launched the Aquaflow Thermapave and integrated permeable paving and ground source heat pump solution.

The integration of the two key technologies offers an energy-efficient system for harvesting rainwater and managing floodwater, while also providing heating and cooling to the building.

The Aquaflow Thermapave system works by placing slinky pipes into the sub-base Formpave Aquaflow installation, where the ambient temperature is around 10°C. According to the company, the operational efficiency of the heat pump, when buried within the permeable pavement, is more beneficial compared to conventional installations, partly because of the large water-holding capacity of the pavement system. This ensures that the heat extraction pipes are constantly buried in water.

Another advantage of having the geothermal technology installed within a paved area is that no extra land is required. In addition, having both technologies can help to provide a high Code for Sustainable Homes score.

This system has already been installed at the Hanson House at the BRE Innovation Park where it has undergone testing. It was found that up to 6kW of heating or cooling energy can be produced from a 65m2 Aquaflow paving installation.

Hanson Formpave


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