Network Rail and Thames Water agree plan to tackle flood risk after major Thameslink floods in January

Thameslink train

Network Rail and Thames Water have agreed a joint management plan to tackle potential flood risks, after a burst Thames Water main in January caused several days of major disruption to Thameslink rail services.

The two organisations were criticised after a burst water main caused 50,000 litres of water to pour into the tunnel between St Pancras and Farringdon in January. The flood left the Thameslink operator unable to run a complete train service for several days and causing problems for commuters who relied on the network.

Speaking about the new management plan a Network Rail spokesperson said: “Following the floods in the Thameslink tunnels earlier this year, Network Rail and Thames Water are working together on a joint-management plan to deal with any further eventualities.

“So far, we are very pleased with progress, so much so that we are looking at how this can be repeated elsewhere on the network.

At its peak flood water rose to about 1m deep in part of the tunnel network and there is the risk that there has been damage to the safety equipment and infrastructure.

The spokesperson added: “The floods in the tunnels were difficult for passengers and for Network Rail’s direct customers, so we are pleased that it has driven something positive.”