Islamic group behind 12,000-capacity mosque near Olympic site failed to present a masterplan before deadline

Plans to build Britain's biggest mosque have collapsed after the group proposing the scheme failed to present a masterplan on time.

Tablighi Jamaat, the Islamic group behind the plans, wanted to create a 12,000-capacity mosque in Abbey Mills, east London, close to the Olympic site. The group failed to present a masterplan to Newham council, however, despite having been granted an extension until the beginning of 2010.

As a further complication, the group had been operating an illegal temporary mosque on the site after temporary planning permission ran out in 2006. A letter was issued to Tablighi Jamaat last week, stating that unauthorised use of the site should cease within seven days.

The council told Building: “If at the end of a compliance period the occupants are still operating we can look to prosecute as it becomes a criminal offence. The council will then look at a number of options open to it, which includes the possibility of using compulsory purchase powers. However, taking ownership of the land is not currently a consideration.”

When plans for the super-mosque were revealed in 2007 more than 48,000 people petitioned the government to stop the development, partly owing to the group's alleged links to terrorism and extreme views. Allies and Morrison was the architect on the project but when contacted was unable to comment.