Thirty five new schools to be built in first tranche of £1.25m programme that is part funded by local councils

The Scottish government has confirmed a £300m commitment to building 35 new schools.

The government is planning £1.25bn of new schools, and has now confirmed that it will go ahead with the initial £300m tranche.

The money will be  put towards 14 new secondary schools, 20 primary schools and one special school. Local councils will be providing between 33% and 50% of funding for each of the schools.

Keith Brown, minister for skills and lifelong learning, said: “The timescales agreed for the first tranche set out a way ahead that is affordable and realistic for both the Scottish Government and the councils, given the current economic climate.

“Of course, through councils own resources, they may be able to start procurement, design and - in some cases - building prior to government funding coming on stream.

Building work on the first projects will start this year.