CA Group in collaboration with Corus has developed SolarWall, a method of low-carbon solar air heating for the UK market

Suitable for applications ranging from industrial space heating to commercial building ventilation, SolarWall works by using solar energy to heat and ventilate indoor spaces in new and retrofit applications. As solar radiation strikes the surface of the collector it is absorbed and the heat conducts to the fine boundary layer of air that lines its outer surface. This heated boundary layer is then drawn by means of a fan or ventilation system through the perforations into a cavity between the SolarWall and the building elevation, before being introduced into the building to offset the overall heating load of the building.

This reduces the amount of energy required to heat the building and the associated carbon emissions. 

The SolarWall system is made from Corus Colorcoat Prisma prefinished steel. The coating is optimised to absorb as much solar radiation as possible and is available in a wide range of colours.

CA Group