Monodraught lauches a solar powered natural ventilation system for use in dwellings

Monodraught has launched a solar powered natural ventilation system for use in dwellings.

The Sola-boost Residential system can be fitted over stairs or a central landing to provide natural ventilation without the need for electricity. It exhausts stale air from within the home by passive stack ventilation and replaces it with fresh air from outside. The GRP system is 400mm2 and incorporates a 100mm diameter fan powered by a solar panel. Monodraught says the system can be fitted to any roof design of any slope and the solar panel can be adjusted according to the sun’s orientation to maximise power output.

The Residential Sola-boost system is calculated to provide 110 l/s of intake and extract natural ventilation based on a wind speed of 2 to 3m/s. The solar panel will increase this figure by 35 l/s under sunny skies in the summer. Night-time cooling is possible by leaving dampers open at night.

Any excess heat build-up is naturally ventilated by the Sola-boost system. The system can be combined with the company’s range of sunpipes