Stadium in Tottenham is preferred option despite club’s surprise joint bid for Olympic stadium with AEG

Bosses at Tottenham Hotspurs have released a statement saying they still plan to build a new £400m after criticism over the club’s recent coveting of the Olympic Stadium.

It emerged this week that Suprs had joined with entertainment group AEG to bid for the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, East London. But rival club West Ham was furious over the move, as were athletics chiefs over Spurs’ plans to ditch the stadium’s running track.

Spurs have now issued a statement saying that the club’s preferred option is still a new 56,000-seater stadium in Northumberland Park, North London, for which it was granted planning permission last week.

The statement said: “We are aware that coverage of comments made by AEG yesterday have been interpreted by the media in various ways concerning the club’s position in respect of the Northumberland Development Project and the Olympic Stadium site.

“We should like to make two things absolutely clear at this stage: firstly, we have registered an interest in the Olympic Stadium site in order to keep our options open going forward given the early stages we are in with the Northumberland Development Project scheme.”

“This is a very preliminary stage and a pre-qualification questionnaire was completed jointly with AEG in order to meet the deadline for registration; Secondly, we continue to progress the application for the Northumberland Development Project with Haringey Council and will continue to do so with a view to achieving full consent.”

“We have not changed our position and shall not do so without due consideration and consultation.”