Planning permission granted for 35 storey tower and accompanying appartment block in the city's Eastern Gateway

Developer Time and Tide has been granted planning permission to build the 35-storey Gravity tower in Manchester.

As well as the 35 storey tower, the site will include an adjoining 6 storey block, containing a total of 330 high quality residential apartments with shops on the ground floor.

The curved façade of the tower is composed predominantly of glass with extruding pods finished in stainless steel. The lower building is made up of cast-stone and features irregularly spaced glazed areas.

How Planning Consultants, who advised Time and Tide, said that the name is fitting for the project, as it is expected to attract more people to the East of Manchester.

The project is part of the regeneration of Manchester’s Eastern Gateway.

The project is aiming to achieve an EcoHomes rating of Excellent by using low carbon energy sources like Ground Source Heat Pumps and the energy efficient curved design.