But more funds needed to meet future targets, energy leaders warn

The UK has become the global leader in offshore wind power generation, after overtaking Denmark.

Gordon Brown will congratulate the wind energy industry on its achievement in a video address tonight at the opening of the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)'s 30th annual conference.

However, energy industry leaders will respond that the government target to source one-third of all electricity from wind by 2020 is under threat and more funding is needed.

Meeting this target will require construction of almost 15,000 turbines over the next 12 years, onshore and offshore, to add 35GW of generation capacity.

The obstacles identified include a severe shortage of engineers and concerns that rising costs are causing companies to review their wind energy commitments.

However, Maria McCaffery, chief executive at the BWEA, told the Telegraph that the target is “tough, but just about achievable”, adding “It's too soon to be defeatist.”

According to the BWEA, wind is set to overtake nuclear energy in terms of the UK's generating capacity within five years or less.

The BWEA30 conference and exhibition will continue until Thursday at the Excel Centre in London's Royal Docks.