Tube Lines upgrade to include installing new signal cables, public help points, CCTV cameras and flood prevent measures

Upgrade works on Waterloo station have started and will continue until May 2009.

Tube Lines has announced detailed surveys, final design and preparation work have started ahead of commencing construction work in April.

The upgrade includes installing 150,000m of signalling communications cable, which will allow for 44 public help points, 1300 speakers and more than 500 CCTV cameras to be added to the station.

Construction work will also focus on reducing the risk of water entering the station.

Nick West, Tube Lines’ project manager for Waterloo station, commented: “We’re keen to start in earnest at Waterloo station and know that it will be a tight 12 months. We’re working to tough deadlines on a complex and busy station.

“However, we will apply lessons learnt from upgrading the 49 stations now successfully completed. We will make sure that Waterloo will become an Underground station worthy of London as a world class city and host of the 2012 Olympics.”