This week's objects of desire give you the chance to look at who's knocking on your door, install groovy stainless steel sinks, shed light on your dark corners then decorate them with flecked paintwork
High-tech video entryphones
Videx Security has brought out the 3000 series video entryphone system. Several variants are available, including digital and intercommunicating systems. Telephones and monitors have detachable handsets, volume control and electronic call tones, and the monitors have a separate plug-on backplate for easy installation and maintenance.
Videx Security 301

Light-diffusing luminaires
Lighting specialist Aquila Design has launched its Moonlight Spheo luminaire. It features a perforated stainless steel body and three clear glass plates that give a diffused light. Two shapes are available – the Spheo Wall, a straight wall fitting, and the Spheo Angle, which fits a 90° angle, making it suitable for fitting into a corner or between the wall and the ceiling. Both fittings accept lamps rated up to 150W.
Aquila Design 302

Light-reflecting system
SolaLighting, maker of the Solatube tubular skylight, has introduced a reflective tubing material called Spectralight Infinity. The company says the material is more reflective than any other used in the industry. The material loses 1% of incident light with each reflection, compared with 5% with other materials, so if the light undergoes 25 reflections in an installation, 84% of the light reaches the room below, compared with 28% for the other material.
SolaLighting 303

Stainless steel sink
Butler has launched a stainless steel sink and a range of taps. Its BSI1310 double-sink has embossed studs in the drainage area, and the taps are available in traditional and modern styles with single and side lever operation. The BTA1203 tap comes with an extendable spray head complete with a 350 mm hose.
Butler 304

Paint system for large buildings
Paint maker ICI Dulux Trade has launched a decorative paint system called Multifleck. The company says it is suitable for large-scale commercial, institutional and industrial applications. It consists of three water-based coatings; the base coat is applied conventionally and the top coat is sprayed on to give a flecked finish. Finally, a clear varnish is applied to protect the paint. The base coat is available in 30 colours; the top coat in five versions, and the varnish in matt, satin and gloss finishes.
ICI Dulux Trade 306

Oil tank containment system
Oil pollution monitoring and control systems maker Aquasentry has launched a secondary containment system for oil tanks called Unibund. The company says the containment or "bunding" system has been introduced in response to regulations requiring all new installations to be bunded and all existing tanks to be contained by September 2005. The modular system is based on corrugated steel panels that are used to form a wall around a tank.
Aquasentry 307

Three-in-one ductwork damper
Air distribution specialist Lindab has introduced a three-in-one ductwork damper called Tri-Safe for controlling airflow and the spread of fire and smoke. In the event of the thermal link being tripped, a warning lamp will light. The unit has a four-hour fire-resistance rating.
Lindab 308

Reducing tees for push-fit plumbing
Hepworth Plumbing Products has added a range of reducing tees to its Hep20 push-fit plastic plumbing. These include branch tees and reducing tees suitable for 10 mm, 15 mm and 22 mm pipes. The company is set to launch 28 mm versions in the near future.
Hepworth Plumbing Products 305

Movers and makers

  • Eight makers of bathroom products have joined the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, swelling its total membership to 28. The companies are Vitra, Heritage, Jacob Delafon, Bristan, A&J Gummers, Imperial Towel Rails, Newteam and Showerlux.

  • The Brick Development Association has welcomed a joint report by Surrey University and Surrey council showing that brick has good environmental credentials. The report identified brick’s low maintenance and longevity as important factors. The report is available at the sustainability section of the BDA’s website at

  • Kingspan Insulation says it is the first insulation maker, and the third construction product manufacturer, to publish an independent environmental profile on its products. The report, produced by BRE, addresses a wide range of environmental impacts including emissions during manufacture, resource use and ozone depletion.

  • Amber Doors, Crawford-Hafa and Faltec Doors, three door and loading bay equipment specialists, have merged to form Crawford Amber. The company said it was now the largest of its kind in the UK.

  • The British Wood Preserving & Dampproofing Association has formed two new divisions. The Property Care Association is for members carrying out remedial works including dampproofing, rot treatments and wall tie repairs, and the Wood Protection Association is for makers of preservative and fire retardants and companies that treat timber in industrial treatment plants.

  • Modular conservatory maker BHD Group has an order for 30 conservatories for the Falkland Islands. BHD says this makes it the biggest supplier of conservatories to the Falklands. The order is from a Stanley-based builder for the Traditional Lean-to conservatory in the Houseproud range.