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    Which "consensus" forecast do you believe?


    A few analysts were left scratching their heads following Persimmon's trading update on Monday.The uncertainty surrounded its pre-tax profit forecast of £135m-ish for 2008.According to FD Mike Killoran it was the market's consensus forecast (the average of several analysts' figures).Not according to one City number-cruncher. "Most forecasts I am aware ...

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    Taylor Wimpey update update


    There is a degree of uncertainty surrounding the date of Taylor Wimpey's next trading update - but what can we read into it?While Persimmon brought theirs forward this week and Barratt and Redrow are pencilled in the diary for November, there is no word from TW on a date yet.It ...

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    Housebuilding bonuses under scrutiny


    When the Redrow board announced it was taking a combined £271,000 in performance bonuses this year, even a few City analysts raised an eyebrow.Not known for their readiness to criticise the bonus culture, some questioned how it would look after a year of mass redundancies and, more to the point, ...

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    Media plays down housing crisis - 160,000 house building jobs to go


    Not a headline you might expect. And let's hope the house building industry doesn't shed 160,000 jobs, but it is looking ever more likely.First let's get one thing out of the way. The media is blamed for hyping the crisis we now find ourselves in. To hold that view is ...