Saturday31 January 2015

Alastair Smart, Crown Estate

Crown Estate boss steps down

30 Jan 15

Alastair Smart, head of development and project management for six years, has left one of UK’s biggest clients

Lend Lease Chiswick

Green light for Lend Lease Chiswick scheme

30 Jan 15

Assael-designed 137-home scheme wins planning permission


Balfour confirms Nottingham office closure

30 Jan 15

Contractor says it is still committed to the East Midlands

Bristol Life Sceinces

Bristol Life Sciences: Split personality

28 Jan 15

Sheppard Robson’s Bristol Life Sciences building comprises a sober street facade that apes Georgian townhouse vernacular; and a dramatic, industrial laboratory elevation that ripples like a giant metallic wave

Aecom index series (previously Davis Langdon)

Market forecast: Speed shift

29 Jan 15

The recovery rolls on with expectations of tender price increases still firm. But a change of pace in activity is expected to emerge this year. Michael Hubbard and John O’Neill of Aecom report

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Mountbatten House

Image of the week: How does your building grow?

30 Jan 15

‘The hanging gardens of Basingstoke’ is one of 14 post-war office buildings given listed status



BIM: World’s your oyster

29 Jan 15

The use of BIM is becoming more widespread throughout the globe. So what opportunities does this offer those with BIM skills who want a job abroad?

BS 5534 has been updated to reflect the increase in extreme weather and to align UK practice more closely with European standards

CPD 2 2015: Revisions to BS 5534

26 Jan 15

The latest in our CPD series explains why BS 5534 has been revised and outlines the key changes that designers and contractors need to understand. This module is sponsored by Marley Eternit

Rooftop support systems

What to specify: Roofing

20 Jan 15

This week’s roofing products include roof boards at the new Woburn Forest Village Center Parcs leisure facility in Bedfordshire, and a green roof system at the Buchanan Street retail development in Glasgow


Hackney extension

Sketch of the week: Hackney extension

30 Jan 15

This week’s sketch is a concept of a two-bed roof extension in Hackney


Prepare to be boarded

Prepare to be boarded

30 January 2015

With the recession over, rising turnover and damaged valuations have left construction firms in a climate perfect for acquisition deals. Are you in a position to grow your business or is it time to sell up?

240 Blackfriars

Webinar 1 2015: Sustainable concrete

30 Jan 15

Hear from architects and engineers of exemplar concrete buildings 5 Pancras Square and 240 Blackfriars


Balfour Beatty

Online poll: Balfour Beatty

29 Jan 15

Can Balfour Beatty turn itself round within two years? Vote here


Energy secretary

Ed Davey and Natalie Bennett confirmed for Ecobuild

Lord John Prescott and Alistair Campbell also confirmed as Ecobuild 2015 speakers

barbour report logo

Barbour ABI's January market review is out now

22 Jan 15

Barbour ABI’s Economic & Construction Market Review for January is now available to download



Top European contractors: Plus ca change

23 Jan 15

Deflation has darkened the mood across the eurozone’s construction markets, putting the long-awaited recovery on hold once more. Building examines what continued stagnation means for firms on both sides of the Channel



Hansom: No double-speak here

30 Jan 15

No (more) news at Balfour Beatty, no one dislikes Boris, and buying yourself a railway line to run around your mansion isn’t an insane overindulgence. Plus, the Scottish health secretary sets a bad example


Sarah Richardson

One by one

30 Jan 15 | By Sarah Richardson

If everyone pitches in, the effort required to breach the skills gap might be smaller than you think


Sarah Richardson

One by one

30 Jan 15 | By Sarah Richardson

If everyone pitches in, the effort required to breach the skills gap might be smaller than you think

Chris Green

Where does blame lie?

30 Jan 15 | By Chris Green

An independent health and safety consultant has recently been imprisoned after a tragic accident on a construction site. Even those who are not directly employers can still be held liable

Jack Pringle

Build well, live well

29 Jan 15 | By Jack Pringle

A building that looks after your wellbeing - your fitness, comfort and stress levels - might sound like science fiction, but there are already awards in place applauding this kind of innovation

James Bessey

BIM: If you want my advice…

28 Jan 15 | By James Bessey

BIM is increasingly being adopted by the industry, but who bears responsibility for recommending whether or not to use it in the first place?

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Sean T

Skills for our future

27 Jan 15 | By Sean Tompkins

Industry and government need to avoid the current short-term approach to industry skills development and look for solutions that are not purely driven by market forces

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Richard Steer 2014

There can be no delay in recruiting more women in construction

27 Jan 15 | By Richard Steer

As the skills shortage gets worse, there can be no excuse for failing to recruit women

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