Sarah Richardson

Fitzgerald: Cometh the hour …

13 Apr 17 | By Sarah Richardson

Turning Bovis’ fortunes around will be no small task for Greg Fitzgerald but you wouldn’t bet against him

Kevin Cammack

Greg Fitzgerald as Bovis CEO is a masterstroke

6 Apr 17 | By Kevin Cammack

Attracting Greg Fitzgerald out of retirement could be just what the struggling housebuilder needed to do to turn its fortunes around

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Architects & design

Jack Pringle

Brexit: Small world

29 Mar 17 | By Jack Pringle

London - a global city with top-calibre international architectural staff - is about to feel the effect of Article 50 and all that follows. Can the profession maintain standards in a newly constrained landscape?

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Félicie Krikler

How to avoid divisive regeneration schemes

28 Mar 17 | By Félicie Krikler

Too often developers and architects are accused of alienating people by imposing insensitive designs on their communities

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Tony Bingham

Still beating the drum

21 Apr 17 | By Tony Bingham

In his first column, in April 1987, our legal columnist, criticised the CITB levy. As a new training charge looms, he assesses the 30 years since: ‘disputomania’, adjudication, and what happens next

Simon Lewis

Wheels within wheels

20 Apr 17 | By Simon Lewis

Framework agreements with complex linked subcontracts can lead to cases centred on how the contracts work, rather than the substance of the dispute itself

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Steve Cooper

Why is infrastructure being underfunded?

27 Mar 17 | By Steve Cooper

Europe and the US are falling behind on infrastructure spending, which is a mistake no country can afford to make

Sarah Richardson

Nuclear chill

24 Mar 17 | By Sarah Richardson

Concrete is about to be poured at Hinkley, but future nuclear projects are beset with problems

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Debbie Hobbs

What's the social value of an office building?

24 Apr 17 | By Debbie Hobbs

A recent study has tried to quantify the social impact an office development can have on a local area, the theory being if you can measure it you can maximise it

Susannah Donaldson

What are you doing about gender pay gap reporting?

6 Apr 17 | By Susannah Donaldson

New rules on publishing gender pay gap data have come into force, and many in construction appear to be ahead of the curve in planning their strategies

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Dominic Thasarathar

Preparing for tomorrow's smarter built environment

10 Apr 17 | By Dominic Thasarathar

Digital technology is disrupting the built environment and firms need to be aware of this to keep a competitive edge

Mark Bew

A year after the BIM mandate

4 Apr 17 | By Mark Bew

A year ago today BIM level 2 was mandated for all public projects, what’s changed since and what’s next for our digital futures?

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Education & healthcare

Sarah Richardson

Free schools don't come cheap

7 Apr 17 | By Sarah Richardson

The question of whether the government is spending too much on free schools development is far from clear cut

Michael Thirkettle

Getting skills down to a T

14 Mar 17 | By Michael Thirkettle

The introduction of T-levels is being sold as a lifeline for industries like construction, but Brexit threatens to derail any benefits

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Susannah Donaldson

What are you doing about gender pay gap reporting?

6 Apr 17 | By Susannah Donaldson

New rules on publishing gender pay gap data have come into force, and many in construction appear to be ahead of the curve in planning their strategies


Price rises from suppliers should be challenged

15 Mar 17 | By Mike Williams

Material costs are on the up but housing associations can secure better deals from the supply chain if they know how

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Cars in flood

Hell or high water

3 Feb 17 | By David Blackman

The North-west may have been spared flooding so far this winter, but the occurence and severity of the region’s floods is steadily increasing

New homes being built at a garden village

It takes a village

11 Jan 17 | By David Blackman

The government’s recent commitment to back 14 new garden villages sounds like a lovely idea, providing 48,000 much-needed homes in stand-alone communities

Hansom HT

Hansom: A touch of class

21 Apr 17

This week, a sheikh is inspired by Shepherd’s Bush and Westfield (who could not be?), Joanna Lumley is perhaps too close to her champagne-quaffing alter-ego, and Pink Floyd’s guitarist gets a luxury home in Hove

sustainability: design

Ben Kite

Sustainable building on the green belt

20 Mar 17 | By Ben Kite

A small mention in the housing white paper offered a tantalising opportunity to rejuvenate the natural environment in the green belt

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sustainability: international

Nick Cullen

German plans for electric cars could actually increase CO2 emissions

13 Mar 17 | By Nick Cullen

The desire to make all cars “zero emission’ by 2030 ignores how reliant the country will be on coal-fired power stations

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sustainability: green energy

Barny Evans

Should energy use be increased if it boosts productivity?

28 Mar 17 | By Barny Evans

When thinking about the function of a particular building it is important to remember sometimes increasing energy use may be beneficial

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