BIM has led to some excellent networks and discussion groups, but we must remember that the reason for new technology is to improve outcomes


Over the last two years the construction industry has built a real momentum around the adoption of BIM. We have moved from it being seen as a 3D visualisation tool to a technology and approach which can improve not only the design process but also construction and operation.

The theory of all of this is fantastic and many experts have piped up who can use the software to its limits. This has enabled us to show the potential of what modelling and data can do to improve traditional “analogue” processes.

Over the last few years excellent networks and discussion groups have been formed which help us with adoption.

We must always remember, however, that the sole reason we are using these new technologies is to improve process, product and value. We must never forget that technology and theory are nothing more than a means to an end. When we have long discussions about interoperability, COBie and IFC we must never forget the why. All discussion and debate must always lead to practical application and has to add value to the design, construction or operational processes.

The good news is that I am absolutely convinced that the new technologies and associated approaches can deliver beyond expectations

Industry along with government have set out vision 2025 which includes stretching targets and technology will play a big part in us getting close. If we are ever in doubt about what we are trying to achieve the four headline targets highlighted in the vision will focus minds.

When we are discussing the theory of BIM we need to think about how it ultimately will impact upon these metrics.

The early adopters of BIM have had fantastic support from industry, many clients having bought into the theory, We now owe it to these individuals and organisations to show that we can deliver the value which we all believe is possible.

The good news is that I am absolutely convinced that the new technologies and associated approaches available to today can deliver beyond expectations. We have new talent joining the industry who challenge the status quo. We must, however, always remember that the only reason for adopting new approaches is to improve outcomes.

Rob Charlton is chief executive of _space group