Two architecture students give their verdict on the Lyons Architects Melbourne building

Melbourne Institute of Molecular Science

Melbourne Institute of Molecular Science

About the scheme

This is the £61m Institute of Molecular Science at La Trobe University, Melbourne designed by Australia-based Lyons Architects. The 11,000m2 building will contain biotechnology teaching and research facilities and is expected to open in late 2012.

Tom Walton’s verdict

The clearly molecular inspired facade of the institute is interesting and striking. For now. I cannot imagine the building ageing well; I can see the colours getting old and worn down quickly. The layout however I feel works well; the spaces created by the honeycomb front form the intimate areas researchers need to communicate and collaborate.

The clearly molecular inspired facade of the institute is interesting and striking, Tom Walton

Couple the intimate spaces with the expansive foyers in the building and this, I feel, really creates a sense of community within this scientific world.

Jasmine Cunningham’s verdict

The visitor approaching this building is left in no doubt about what this building is all about. Its design clearly reflects its ‘molecular’ and ‘scientific’ purpose.

The glass-fronted ‘modules’ show the range of activity occurring within the building, and appears to be an inspiring and lively place to be. The colour used around each module also draws life into the campus, making the structure feel like a real hub of the university.

Tom Walton and Jasmine Cunningham are architecture students at Nottingham Trent University.