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The third episode of our Building Talks net zero podcast series is released today to coincide with the final week of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow.

This week’s keynote interview is with Tom Bennett, an eco-activist architect who combines his professional specialism in sustainable design at London practice Studio Bark, with taking part in protest movements.

He has caught media attention for being arrested during the wave of Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests back in 2019, and we managed to interview him just before he was travelling up to Glasgow to take part in what has been dubbed the ‘Global Day of Action’ at COP26.

Tom Bennett

Tom Bennett, right, being interviewed by Chloe McCulloch, far left, and Elizabeth Hopkirk, centre

Bennett, aged 35, explains how he became involved in eco-activism, how he felt when the police arrested him, the implications that event has had on his career, and why he believes joining collective movements to force political change is one of the best ways for construction professionals to help save the planet. He also reflects on the events so far at COP26.

Simon Wyatt, partner at Cundall, returns for another net zero jargon buster session, this time focusing on NABERS UK. He explains the origins of this energy rating system for the commercial offices sector, how it has been introduced to the UK and how its robust processes will be a challenge for designers, contractors and developers alike.

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