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  • Future Systems’ revamp of 187-195 Oxford Street, central London, completed in November last year

    Cost model: Office refurbishments


    As more owner-occupiers look for cheaper, more efficient and sustainable offices, refurbishment may provide the answer. Simon Rawlinson and Ian Harrison of Davis Langdon report

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    Cost model: Access control systems


    This month Davis Langdon Engineering Services compares the features of various methods of access control for both people and vehicles

  • The Dublin 02 was designed by architect Populous and opened at the end of last year. It was created from an old warehouse on the quayside

    Cost model: Indoor arenas


    Even in recessionary times, entertainment creates opportunities and in the live music business, promoters want new, purpose-built venues. Simon Rawlinson and Martin Jennings of Davis Langdon examine how gigs are changing the face of the indoor arena

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    Cost model: Building in the Middle East


    This month Davis Langdon Engineering Services looks at the unique environmental challenges posed by projects in the Middle East.

  • This page and left: Sheppard Robson’s £11m lab block for Cranfield university in Bedfordshire

    Cost model: Universities


    Universities are vital in maintaining the UK’s place in the knowledge economy and have been major building clients over the past 10 years. How will higher education clients approach tougher times? Simon Rawlinson and Laurence Brett of Davis Langdon look at emerging trends in the sector

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    Mini cost model update: Small projects


    Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon revisits industrial units, primary schools and primary healthcare centres to investigate how recent dramatic falls in tender prices have affected building costs

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    Cost model: green retail refits


    Green retail refurbishments can be good for business as well as the planet. Davis Langdon Engineering Services explains the options

  • Terminal 5, Heathrow: Planned passenger throughput determines the size of the terminal, pier layout, check-in desks and departure gates

    Cost model update, March 2009


    With the construction market in reverse, it’s crucial to have the latest data. This cost update has been compiled by Max Wilkes and Simon Rawlinson, with help from Davis Langdon’s sector experts

  • Grimshaw’s £71m conversion of an Edwardian office block for the London School of Economics

    Cost model update: Public sector


    With the construction market in reverse and tender prices in freefall, it’s crucial to have the latest building costs. This update has been compiled by Max Wilkes and Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon

  • Citi data centre, by Arup Associates, will be the first data centre to achieve a LEED platinum rating

    Cost model: Data centres


    As IT power increases, so energy use has grown enormously. Simon Rawlinson and Nick Bending of Davis Langdon examine the design and cost implications of low-energy data centres

  • Levitt Bernstein designed this housing scheme in Barnet, north London, as a demonstration project for the redevelopment of the Grahame Park estate. The 32-unit scheme consists of family homes for rent and one and two-bedroom apartments for sale

    Mini cost model update: Small projects


    The worsening economic climate and sustainability requirements have affected costs for small projects such as affordable housing, nursing homes and extra-care homes

  • Foreign Office Architects’ John Lewis department store in Leicester is draped in ornate cladding reminiscent of lacy net curtains

    Cost model: Retail development


    This year marks the peak of the retail cycle. With the economy slowing, can future schemes deliver quality and innovation? Simon Rawlinson and Richard Taylor of Davis Langdon investigate

  • Kohn Pedersen Fox’s Midfield Terminal at Abu Dhabi airport will process more than 50 million passengers a year

    Cost model: Airport terminals


    UK airport operators need to make substantial investments in infrastructure to prepare for continuing long-term demand for domestic and international flights. Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon reports

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    Cost model: Office refurbishment


    A slowdown in the office market combined with an increasingly prominent sustainability agenda is creating opportunities for refurbishment specialists. Simon Rawlinson and Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon discuss how to maximise a building’s value with a well-targeted refurbishment programme

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    Cost model: The benefits of TV via LAN


    Replacing conventional TV distribution systems with LAN technology saves money and prevents low-tech problems such as ghosting, says Davis Langdon Mott Green Wall

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    Cost model: Schools


    It’s a critical time for BSF. With the programme’s first schools just open and large-scale building starting, local authorities will begin to find out if the effort has been worthwhile. Simon Rawlinson and David Long of Davis Langdon review the issues of design and delivery

  • Studio E Architects’ Sacred Heart Primary School in west London is built around a 120-year-old tree

    Cost model update: Small projects


    Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon revisits industrial units, primary schools extensions and primary health care centres to investigate how recent changes to legislation, specifications and general price increases have affected building costs

  • The 1,800m2 nanoscience centre at the University of Cambridge

    Cost model: Laboratories


    Laboratories are probably the most demanding buildings that it is possible to build. Here, Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon examines the factors that their designers have to take into account, from the need to attract world-class talent to energy efficiency

  • Wilkinson Eyre’s multistorey car park in Paradise Street, Liverpool shows that this utilitarian building type can still produce iconic architecture

    Cost model: Car parks


    Car parks may not be the most glamorous of construction projects, but designing them is more complex than you might think. Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon outlines the issues that must be thought through and provides a fully comprehensive cost list

  • Extra care homes in Barnet, north London, designed by PRP Architects and built by Jacksons for Sanctuary Housing Association

    Mini cost model: Extra care housing


    The number of elderly people is growing all the time and so are the accommodation options available to them. Max Wilkes of Davis Langdon breaks down the costs of ‘very sheltered’ homes