Need-to-know facts on this support services firm

Aecom Europe
Chief Executive
: Steve Morriss
Turnover: £467m
Employees: 5000+
Offices: 70
Locations: 20
Key areas and skills covered: Architecture, building engineering, design and planning, environment, sport, transport, infrastructure, water, oil and gas, mining

Current key projects
Aecom’s Davis Langdon subsidiary has been working on a $2bn eco town based around a health-focused science park near Istanbul, Turkey. The scheme, masterplanned by Atkins will see homes for 10-15,000 people built in a new town zone around Istanbul around a hospital and science park providing working accommodation for 40-50,000 people. Aecom has been providing cost management and programme management advice on the project at concept stage, and will be retained as lead consultant on the main build out, starting next year. the project will generate fees of “tens of millions of dollars” over the ten-year life of the scheme according to the client, which is a joint venture between Turkey’s housing department Toki, and Dutch developer Bio City.